Bunion Booties At Walmart

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Bunion Booties At Walmart

Bunion Booties At Walmart. Buy Bunion Bootie, Ultra-Thin Unisex Light Breathable Day And Night Big Feet Thumb Toe Elastic Bunion Corrector Belt Bunion Care at Walmart.com.

Bunion Bootie reviews submitted from verified buy surveys.  Since BunionETTE Bootie was just introduced, all reviews are for Bunion Bootie unless otherwise noted.

No more toe discomfort!

I really like the Bunion Bootie! The small amounts I wear it during the day has remarkably helped my bunion discomfort, and it appears the size of my bunion. Unfortunately, I have yet to make it through a night with it on as every night I am awoken with pain on the top of my toe and have to take it off. Otherwise, I am completely satisfied.


July 30, 2018  

It definitely relieves the ache in my foot, but my bunion is not very severe, and I mostly got it as a preventative measure.

I could use a little stronger tension to realign my big toe, but if I bought it any smaller, I think it would bother my big toenail.


July 27, 2018  

I have small feet, so even the smallest size doesn’t give me quite as much tension as I’d like, but overall, it’s helpful and the best bunion product I’ve tried yet.

It’s thin enough that I can wear it in a shoe with an AFO and still be comfortable and much better!


July 25, 2018  

I had bunion surgery on one foot (the other needs to be done too), but my doctor said I needed to keep my toe separated or it will continue to go back to the way it was before surgery. So I needed something to wear all the time. It’s the only thing I have found that I can wear in shoes and is very comfortable.

The only thing I don’t like is that when I have worn it at night, it wakes me up in pain. I think it’s the seam digs into the top of my big toe. If you can work on making that smaller or bigger, so it folds over. I’m not sure how to make it more comfortable at night, but that would be great. My doctor says I need to wear something 24/7 unless I’m in sandals, just that it keeps my big toe over and I can wear it in my shoes.


July 23, 2018  Bunion surgery survivor   

Easier to walk!

I’m very happy.


July 22, 2018  


Best product!


July 21, 2018  Athlete, runner, etc   

It is the best out there!

It is the best bunion correcting device I have! I will get rid of the others and, it’s the most effective!

The big toe sock is a little too tight. I can’t wear it for a whole night, wakes me in discomfort. I wear it about 4-5 hrs during the day and need a long break.


July 19, 2018  

When I am wearing [the Bunion Bootie] I don’t have pain while walking.

I was having problems before I had Knee Surgery, and now that I am recovering from the knee, it has helped me maintain my balance and not have to worry about bunion pain.

The Bootie is better!


July 15, 2018  

It exceeded in every way for me!

Haven’t tried anything else, and I’m very happy.

It has been wonderful. I used to suffer from a lot of pain on the ball of my foot, under my big toe and, I could”t touch it because it was so painful. Now it has stopped all of that. I can do a lot more walking than what I used to be able [before].


July 13, 2018  

Happy with the product!


July 11, 2018  

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