Does Flonase Help Ringing In The Ears

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There are treatments for symptoms of tinnitus. Treating allergic rhinitis can in turn help with eustachian tube function.

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Flonase or fluticasone propionate contains a corticosteroid that may help with inflammation and or decrease fluid in the ear.

Does flonase help ringing in the ears. Does that sound plausible. Dr said it could be meniere s but i have little other symptoms or an inner ear virus. Had surgeries on both ears starting at 17 years old.

During the day the every day sounds drown out the ringing but the ringing is more pronounced at night when it is quiet. Read more i have been experiencing moderate to severe postnasal drip and ringing in the ears. Nasal allergy can cause a stuffy nose and ache in your ears.

Can allergies cause the stuffy nose and slight ache in ears. One treatable cause of tinnitus is eustachian tube dysfunction which effectively creates a vacuum or negative pressure in the middle ear. So my question is does anyone think flonase might help.

The condition can be caused by medications tumors ear trauma exposure to loud noises and meniere s syndrome. Now am deaf in left ear due to failure of stapes operation after several years and very bad hearing with aid in right ear. I guesss this is call tinnitus.

I am now 71 and it doesn t bother me so much because i have had it for so long. If it has been given to relieve the congestion around the eustachian tube then you can discontinue the spray. My tinnitus cause is unknown second ent said i have no etd no issues looking at my ears and my hearing is fine.

There are tubes called eustachian tubes which connect the middle ear to the throat this balances the air pressure in the ears. And had otosclerosis in both ears. I am not involved in music at all so i haven t damaged my ears by listening to loud music.

Flonase is a nasal steroid that is frequently used to treat allergic rhinitis. The sounds coming from the ear can be so bothersome that it affects the person s quality of life. I am told nothing but a cochlear implant might help.

Bernstein joel answered 59 years experience ent and head and neck surgery yes. Hi if there is nasal congestion you may need to continue with flonase. Tinnitus isn t a disease it s a problem in which a person hears clicking buzzing swishing or ringing on one or both ears.

Been taking claritin loratadine niacin flonase for ringing in my ears and stuffiness. I ve seen the doctors and am currently taking flonase which seems to help at night. But i have bilateral tinnitus out of the blue.

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