How To Learn Cleanliness To A Rabbit

How To Learn Cleanliness To A Rabbit

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The rabbit is a pet that is common in French homes, but do we really know? Not so sure, used to seeing them evolve like small animals that live in cages, the current trend (and all the better for him) makes the rabbit a pet in the same way as a dog or a cat that can live at liberty in the house and be clean!

How To Learn Cleanliness To A Rabbit

The rabbit, a little cat or a small dog?

Well no, a rabbit is neither a small dog nor a small cat, it is above all a rabbit! This being like the cat, the rabbit can use a litter and like the dog, the rabbit is educated . But that’s all !

How to learn cleanliness to his rabbit?

Unlike a cat who will learn how to use litter by observing his mum and reproducing his behavior, the rabbit needs to be “conditioned” as is done to teach puppy cleanliness.

The principle of reward works well with the rabbit, as soon as you see him doing his needs in the litter, congratulate him and give him a treat. On the other hand, as soon as he gets out of his tank, stop him, put him in his litter and watch him; if he ends his needs, let him understand that you are happy and that he has done well.

The clicker method can also be used in rabbits. Whenever he urinates in the right place, we associate the clicker noise and a treat. As and when, we drop the treat to just use the clicker.

For this education to work, you will need to take a little time and observe your rabbit a lot.

A special tray?

The rabbit likes to urinate and feed while feeding. Put his tray near his food. In his cage he will tend to go to a particular place – under the hay rack or a cereal bar – if you offer him a bin next door, do not move it too far from his bowl. The container must be filled with plant litter only, no mineral litter that could be fatal if swallowed.

The tray should not be covered, with flanges allowing the rabbit to enter easily and of sufficient size . Your rabbit must be able to turn without leaving the tray and slide.

If despite all your good will, your rabbit is still urinating outside the tank, talk to your veterinarian, your animal may be subject to cystitis or mark its territory (usually whole male).