Muscle Below Back Of Knee
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Muscle Below Back Of Knee

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Muscle Below Back Of Knee

Your hamstring muscle, whose function is to bend the knee and straighten the hip, is found in the back of your thigh. Tension and trigger points in the hamstring muscles often lead to pain in the hollow of the knee when walking or sitting.
Are you experiencing severe pain behind the knee?. is also known as the kneecap), tendons, muscles, cartilage and ligaments (the ACL, PCL, LCL and MCL).
Often weak butt muscles are to blame for pain behind the knee, but strengthening pelvic stabilizers (like the hip flexors) is also important. Try the clam opener .
They can get tight and inflamed, resulting in a hamstring muscle strain (pain at the back of the thigh) or tendonitis (pain behind the knee). This can result from .
Jumper's knee is an inflammation or injury of the patellar tendon.. Muscles provide the tug on the bones needed to bend, straighten, and support joints.. the quadriceps (at the front of the thigh) and the hamstring (on the back of the thigh).. (or more specifically, below the kneecap); stiffness of the knee, particularly while .

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