VW Up GTI (2018): Price & Fit Up with GTI power from 16,975 euros

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VW Up GTI (2018): Price & Fit Up with GTI power from 16,975 euros
VW Up GTI (2018): Price & Fit
Up with GTI power from 16,975 euros

For the new year 2018 receives the microcar from Wolfsburg for the price from 16,975 euros a new top model: the VW Up GTI with 115 hp. The Kraftzwerg celebrated its premiere in true style at the previous GTI meeting!

As VW Up GTI (2018) for the price from 16.975 euros turn the tiny from Wolfsburg on. The power dwarf was presented as a near-series study true to style at the previous GTI meeting, he ordered a good half a year later, shortly before the market launch in early 2018. Since the recent facelift the up in the registration statistics not really brought forward and VW apparently just no The Niedersachsen send Benjamin to bodybuilding for having cheap little cars. From the beginning of 2018, they will also be offering the Up as a GTI with thick cheeks, a slightly revamped interior and, above all, a powerfully inflated three-cylinder. Where else is for the one-liter Motörchen at 90 hp conclusion, the turbo squeezes proud 115 hp from the three pots. Although VW has the Up GTI (2018) true to style with double side stripes on the flank.

PRICE: VW UP GTI (2018) FROM 16.975 EURO

It comes mainly from an almost traditional relationship between weight and performance. Because with not even 1000 kilos and 115 hp comes the VW Up GTI (2018) the original GTI closer than any other car in the VW program. And if you fly at more than 190 km / h, it gets really hot around your heart. With 200 Newton meters in 8.8 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h and full throttle 196 things – there it goes with the up. It is not only a good 20 km / h brisker than the hitherto fastest production model, but also much more binding and therefore can actually make something like driving pleasure available as a three- or five-door Rennsemmel. Even over the annoying rattle of the three-cylinder can then tolerate tolerant. And who wants to argue about the sense and reason of the VW Up GTI (2018), this is countered by the standard Otto particle filter, which is otherwise (still) in any sports car. With the small GTI, the Lower Saxony, however, not only fight against wrong size concepts, but also against the sluggish sales of their smallest model. Because only with a few fresh colors, clever special models and a little connectivity in this segment against the price crushers from Korea apparently no state to make.


Autozeitung.de was allowed to take a seat at the presentation of the study of the future VW Up GTI (2018) – and notes: Not only outwardly, but also inside, the sportiest of all ups cuts a fine figure. The instrument panel was given a black-and-red coat, which is slightly reminiscent of carbon in its surface condition. But not only that, but also the red stitching on the new sports steering wheel and the shift knob convey GTI flair in the smallest of the VW range. Only the speedometer looks like bieder like the standard model and should also get a little bit of the red color. All the more clever is the cell phone holder that came on board with the facelift still above the radio. It allows to integrate the smartphone without MirrorLink or Apple CarPlay or Android Auto in the Up GTI. Who thinks you are in theVW Up GTI (2018) small car typical way too high, is mistaken. On the tightly upholstered fabric seats, whose pattern is based on the original GTI, can quickly take a good position. Only the seat backs could grab even stronger. But maybe that’s the beginning of 2018, then the little car for the price starts from 16.975 euros at the start.


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