Why Does My Rabbit Hit His Cage

Why Does My Rabbit Hit His Cage

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“PAF! »,« PAF! »,« PAF! “. In the middle of the night, you hear a steady noise. It comes from the cage of your rabbit. Your rodent did not find a better job than pounding. Simple fun? Not really. This noise can hide several things that must be understood to remedy this situation. Except in case your nights do not matter to you. We give you the reasons and solutions to this major concern.

Why Does My Rabbit Hit His Cage

Your rabbit is a diurnal animal . Thus, he lives primarily in the evening and at night. During your sleep, your protege does not stop having awake phases . Because even if he tries at best to adapt to your biological rhythm , his requires him to get up, to eat, to entertain himself. Sometimes, he sometimes kicks paws (in the middle of the night or in the middle of the day). Of course, you wake up …

What reaction to adopt?

It is never pleasant to get up from bed in a dream (or in a nightmare). Especially when you have not asked for anything, and you do not understand the reaction of your rabbit. At first, it is best not to scold or shout on your rodent . He will not know why you catch him. In any case, it will not stop. Do not oppose him a firm “No”. Ditto, he would not see the meaning. Do not give in to the frustration of not sleeping when you see your rabbit stop by itself and go back to bed as if nothing had happened. You have to let go, analyze the situation and understand the origin of this fuss.

The reasons

To express yourself, your rabbit uses his own body language . It is a unique means of communication for the owner, so that he understands it. Typing paws means that your rabbit is angry , expressing frustration at a situation he does not understand. In this case, the tapping of the legs does not last until the night. It is also the day. He blames you for something. What? This can be a move , losing his bearings. He can react in this way to a simple fly in front of him. He also expresses his anger at having a congenerwith him. In the latter case, it is advisable to separate the 2 rabbits, as this could end badly.

Most often, however, this pat on the legs expresses annoyance , worry and fear . Your rabbit may be seeing an unusual shade in the middle of the night. A simple vibration can make him jump. His stress increases and he needs to tap to relax . If your rabbit is not alone in his cage (presence of congener), he will not be the only one to type in case of fear or anxiety . This fuss will become common.

On the other hand, when your protégé is annoyed , then he will hit the floor alone. This noise will often be accompanied by a small grunt .

In any case, do not hesitate to get up, to observe the environment of your rabbit. Put yourself up to him, observe what he can see from his cage. Perhaps there is something unusual in his field of vision. A smell probably bothers him .

Tip: your rabbit likes to be noticed if he sees guests at home that he does not know. If they spend the night, your rabbit will rarely hesitate to be heard. Plan ear balls . No, your rodent does not necessarily entertain the gallery. He will be stressed about knowing unknown people at home.

Last possible meaning: your rabbit wants you to come to him, because he knows that it is the only way for you to pay him special attention. Thus, day and night, it can signal you the lack of water, or the desire for a treat . In this case, it is a behavioral problem that needs to be addressed. Perhaps with the help of a behavioral veterinarian.

No problem ?

A priori, no. Your rabbit is a wild animal, initially. Typing paws is not a problem for him. It is for you. You should not just gargle your pet, because it reflects his feelings through this. In nature, nobody comes to bother him for that. You must adapt . Maybe by moving his cage away from your room at night.

In summary

Your rabbit is pawing and it annoys you, especially at night. Is. However, this is a classic behavior in your rabbit. He can express his anger , express his anxiety , be synonymous with fear or be the meaning of his annoyance . You must try to find the cause to solve this unfortunate consequence for you, but oh so classic for your rabbit.