Why Is My Rabbit Aggressive

Why Is My Rabbit Aggressive

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A rabbit is usually a big plush soft, calm and nice. He is known for having an excellent temperament. It is prized for its tranquility, its rather cute side, its boiling to make anyone fall. Unfortunately, in rare cases, the strong character of your rabbit, which is its own, can deviate. Your rodent then becomes aggressive and you are clueless. How? Why ? What have you done ? We explain the reasons for this change in behavior.

Why Is My Rabbit Aggressive

His reputation is that of a kind, gentle, endearing animal. Your rabbit represents a real plush to which it is necessary to take the greatest care. And then, suddenly, his behavior changes. You may be at the origin. Sometimes the answer is simply in your rabbit, in his body. You must identify the causes and solve them. Is he happy? Is he sick? Is he upset by a cohabitation he does not want? Understanding the origin helps your rabbit to become what it was, or at least to support more a temperament that was not necessarily imagined by adopting this rodent.

Aggression caused by the disease

Like all animals, your rabbit can get sick . He suffers and his way of making it known drastically modifies his behavior. He will bite you, make you head, stay prostrate, become cranky . He can not stand you stroking him anymore , that you handle him . His pain is translated by a new aggressiveness . His behavior will return to normal when the pain disappears. From the time of medication administration most of the time.

Abscesses, ear infections, malocclusions often result in severe pain. It will undoubtedly change the behavior of your rodent, towards you but also towards its congeners . He might feel more vulnerable , exposed to others.

Aggressiveness related to sexual maturity

One of the first things to do when your rabbit has reached sexual maturity (at 3 months) is to have it sterilized . By doing so, you will limit his aggression . Its sex hormones , which develop, reach their cruising speed at the age of 3 months. At this moment, your rabbit will try to assert himself , especially if congeners surround him. He will defend his territory . Above all, he is awake from a sexual point of view. In the breeding season, he can be very aggressive .

In order to prevent undesirable behavior, it seems obvious that having your rabbit sterilized is the first answer to your problems. Moreover, in rabbits , heat also causes this aggressiveness . There too, during these times, it is advisable to avoid entering one’s territory and even to take it in your arms.

Multiple other causes of aggression

Your rabbit will show some aggressiveness in many cases.

  • It ensures the protection of a resource . It can be his food . He does not like, for example, that one comes to him to take his bowls when he eats. You enter his territory . A territory that he sees as an essential resource for his daily life. His aggressiveness is also marked when he tries to assert his hierarchy , with a congener or with you. He lies down on the ground, calls for caresses, but you do not give in. He does not appreciate.
  • Your rabbit may be scared or stressed . In these cases, he will be on the defensive and will therefore be more aggressive . When he is in a situation where he feels trapped, his only solution is to replicate.
  • Your rabbit does not have the expected food. He claims a situation he can not get on the spot. To let him know, he will be aggressive.

Visible aggression

In case your rabbit is aggressive, you notice it without any harm. Indeed, in this situation, your rodent has his ears lying down, his rear end lifted , just like his tail , and the muzzle pointed forward . Do not be afraid to approach him, because he could attack you and bite you severely. Finally, when he grumbles , he is not happy either . This can sometimes precede the bite .

What to deal with aggression?

You must never panic. If aggression does not emanate from you, you must change the behavior of your rabbit gradually. Thus, if your rabbit sees your hand or your presence as a threat, he will never hesitate to be aggressive against you. In this case, you will have to resume your taming. Make him understand that your hand, your presence, are good for him. That it represents the caresses, the tenderness, the food. He must not be afraid of you, but rather welcome you with benevolence .

Never flee your rabbit after a bite . At first, it will test you. If he sees that you give in, he will start again , a little like a child. You must remain confident and sure of yourself . You can, at first, put on gloves (literally and figuratively) when you try to grab it.

In summary

Your rabbit can be aggressive . Several causes are the reason. It will be necessary to try to identify them before remedying them.

  • Your rabbit is sick. His only way to let you know is to bite you or make him understand you by unusual aggression .
  • Your rabbit is in heat , and your rabbit has reached sexual maturity. You must sterilize it to calm its ardor.
  • Your rabbit feels threatened , in danger .
  • Your rabbit defends his territory, wants to assert himself and imposes himself.
  • Your rabbit is scared , he is stressed.
  • Your rabbit does not have what he wants. Like a child, he will be angry.

In all cases, you must identify the cause before resolving this aggressiveness. Never forget that the primary nature of your rabbit is gentleness, kindness and kindness. A rabbit never shows himself aggressive without reason. There is a good chance that you will be able to correct this most often transient problem. Even if it is necessary to review the entirety of his taming.