Your Rabbit Gnaws At The Bars Of His Cage The Reasons And The Solutions

Your Rabbit Gnaws At The Bars Of His Cage The Reasons And The Solutions

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Like many rabbit owners, you may be confronted with this phenomenon which, depending on its context, can be a problem: your rabbit gnaws the bars of his cage. The nervousness can quickly take over because your nights become suddenly less relaxing. Nevertheless, you must act with method to solve this behavioral defect. We explain how.

Your Rabbit Gnaws At The Bars Of His Cage The Reasons And The Solutions

The reasons

They are multiple and depend essentially on the context . Not all are serious and some can even be corrected quickly.

  • Your rabbit shows his boredom

Your rabbit does not have to stay all day inside his cage . He must be able to go out daily . In the opposite case, he could manifest his boredom by gnawing the bars of his cage . It is also a sign of frustration . What is initially episodic can quickly become a habit and, therefore, a behavioral disorder. He manifests his malaise as he can and you must intervene before he is in depression .

  • It is a means of communication

Without realizing it, you rush to your rabbit as soon as he gnaws his cage . He understood this and is now using it as a warning signal . By doing this, he knows you will come to see him. It also reflects his desire to get out of his cage.

In some circumstances, the act of biting the bars may mean that he hungry and would like to have the food in his bowl. As such, never forget to continually give him water.

  • Consequence of a stressful environment

Your rabbit is in a stressful environment that can annoy him. He will calm down by gnawing the bars of his cage. It can also be the translation of a difficult cohabitation with congeners. In any case, it is important to react , either by changing the room or by separating your rodents if you have more than one.

  • When hormones play tricks

An unsterilized rabbit will be more likely to drift toward this behavior. It’s a way for them to vent their frustration . We often find this phenomenon in pregnant females. The only solution lies in the sterilization of your protégé.

  • It means underlying suffering

Gnawing the bars of his cage may reflect an underlying disease , often of oral origin. Your rodent has pain inside your mouth (teeth, gums) and tries to alert you. Never forget to check the condition of your oral cavity to confirm or deny this possible origin.

How to remedy this phenomenon?

In the event that your rabbit gnaws at the bars of his cage by boredom, the solution is quite simple. You must improve your comfort and distractions . You have to put more accessories in his place of life. You can also take more time for him, playing more often on a daily basis , perhaps taking him out of his cage even more. Try to find a happy medium to satisfy your hairball.

If he attracts you to have food , try to regulate him by giving him food at the same time every day. Thus, it will enter a sort of routine and will no longer tend to call you. You can also modify ingredients in your diet . Maybe he does not want to eat things anymore and he lets you know his way.

In any case, you must remain calm and patient . This phenomenon will necessarily end up being damaged if you take the necessary measures . You can go to a behaviorist veterinarian with your pet.

In summary

There are several causes that can explain why your rabbit gnaws the bars of his cage:

  • Stressful environment
  • Boredom
  • Underlying disease
  • Want to eat

Each time, the noise can disturb you and, beyond, the simple act of affixing its dentition on the bars can damage it. You must react accordingly, but always with calm and method. Do not hesitate to approach a behaviorist veterinarian who will help you to stop this phenomenon.

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