American Curl Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics And Facts

American Curl Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics And Facts

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American Curl Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics And Facts

The American Curl is a cat with many advantages. Very good companion for a family with or without children, it is also suitable for the elderly or sedentary. Indeed, it is mostly a cat indoor, which comes in two varieties: one long-haired, the other short-haired. A fairly new cat (1980s), the American Curl is an impressive sweetness, a rare tranquility even if he knows how to be a player and active when he wants to. It almost never meows, making it a splendid apartment cat. His health is no problem if his ears, singular, are verified as it should.

Race history

The American Curl takes its name from English, which means “curly”, obviously referring to its particular ears. This is the cat discovered by this American couple in 1981. Grace and Joe Ruga fall on a small cat in Southern California. At first, they did not really care until Sulamith, so called, gave birth and gave birth to many kittens who wore their ears bent.

After some questions to feline specialists in the United States, the American Curl breed was created and mostly recognized by the TICA in 1985, four years after its discovery.

American Curl Pictures

American Curl Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics And Facts

Physical characteristics

His body : The American Curl is of medium size, semi-foreign format as its standard says. It has a qualified body of elegant and rectangular. Its length is greater than the height of its withers. Note that the male is often larger than the female. There is also a beautiful musculature, tonic, and a thin frame. 
His hair  : The American Curl comes in 2 varieties since it exists with both short hairs and long hairs. The first has silky hair, lying on the body and almost without undercoat. The second has a mid-length fur rather than long. She is also silky and lying on her body. The tail is well supplied. 
His color: The standard of the American Curl is like its cousin the American Bobtail. All dress colors are allowed. 
Its head : It is of medium size and of triangular shape, rather long and less broad. The muzzle has rounded contours, the chin is firm.   
His eyes : They are rather big, proportional with the rest of the head. In the form of nuts and are well spaced. All colors are accepted by the standard, which however prefers the brightest.  
His ears: The ears of the American Curl make it special and singular. They are curved above the head and form an arc going from 90 ° to 180 ° towards the back. They are rather large and have hair on the inside. However, the original shape of his ears should not prevent the cat from having natural movements. 
Its tail : It is quite short since it measures between 2 and 10 cm. Feather-like, especially in the long-haired variety.

Behavior and character

Potential to play 
Tendency to meow 

The American Curl is especially cute with its bent ears . This gives it an endearing, endearing touch. He knows it, but does not necessarily play it. It has a balanced character . He can not bear solitude and remains very attached to his master as well as to his adoptive family. He is sweet , tender and enjoys cuddling . He demands constant attention from his owner, who will have to show his love for his animal. He is also quite a player , especially with childrenmaking it a great playmate for them. He tolerates very well the presence of congener and other animals at his side since it is discreet . Note his great curiosityand the absence of meowing , which is a great asset.

Living conditions

Cohabitation with children 
Sociable with other animals 
Love foreigners 

The American Curl is primarily an indoor cat, which will never be against a little green outside or balcony. He must be given the props useful for his development and well-being , which will also allow him to spend himself daily, because even if he is not a great sportsman, he must be able to keep fit and a certain elegance. From then on, a cat tree , a scratching post and some toys are essential.



The focus should be on his ears , which should be cleaned regularly with cotton and never a cotton swabthat would only damage his ear canal. In addition, this cat has no hereditary disease and is of very strong constitution . He has an iron health that allows him to live a good fifteen years without worry. Of course, basic vaccines are required to prevent the following diseases: rabies, typhus, leukosis and coryza.

To guard against these risks and to insure your companion in case of health problems, Woopets advises you an American Curl cat insurance .

Life expectancy



The life expectancy of an American Curl is between 13 and 16 years old .

Calculate the human age of your American Curl!

Maintenance and hygiene

Easy to groom 
Cost of maintenance 

Whether short haired or long haired , maintenance of the American Curl is not very complicated. Just brush it regularly and you’re done. His coat is not difficult to treat.

The brush must be at least bi-monthly. It must allow your cat to maintain the strength of his hair. In addition, it will be important to check the condition of your ears regularly and clean them if necessary. This will prevent him from developing infections.

Price and budget


Mini900 €

Maxi1200 €

The purchase price of an American Curl is between 900 € and 1200 €.


Mini250 €

Maxi400 €

The annual maintenance cost of an American Curl is between 250 € and 400 €.


The American Curl feeds primarily on industrial food made from high quality pâtés or croquettes . The latter, often dry, may need to be moistened to prevent kidney problems. If not, it is advisable to adapt its daily ration according to its activity. Out of the question to develop any kind of obesity in this cat.