American Shortair Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics And Facts

American Shortair Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics And Facts

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American Shortair Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics And Facts

American Shorthair or American Shorthair in French. This cat is particularly widespread in the United States, it will not surprise anyone, but also in Japan. It is similar to the British Shorthair and the European Shorthair, he is better known in France. Medium-sized, the American Shorthair wants to be a hunter. He prefers life outdoors but adapts perfectly to living in an apartment. Independent, he remains very affectionate, pleasant to live. He appreciates caresses and is attached to his owner. He likes to play with children and is not against the company of congeners or dogs, with whom he easily shares his space.

Race history

The origin of the American Shorthair is in Europe , and especially in Great Britain . It is imported several centuries ago on the American continent. In fact, it comes from the cross between gutter cats and several breeds such as British shorthair or Persian . The American Shorthair initially had as its primary mission to monitor US farmers’ grain from the rodent invasion. Little by little, he returned to many American homes. It is today essential in the United States but also in Japan, where he enjoys a beautiful coast.

Photos of American Shortair

American Shortair Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics And Facts

Physical characteristics

His body : He has a medium body, quite muscular, slender. 
His hair : The American Shorthair has a short hair, thick and regular. His dress is provided, very resistant, which allows him to live outdoors even in extreme conditions. It resists very well cold.    
Its color : Many colors are allowed. It goes from chocolate to lilac. The American Shorthair is best known for its classic silver tabby dress. It is a bright silver background with the presence of contrasting black marks. 
His head : He has a round head, with fairly developed cheeks and a square muzzle.  
Their eyes: The eyes of the American Shorthair are particularly spaced, round, in perfect match with the face. Not too big, not too small. The color is often harmonized with the cat’s dress.  
His ears : They are slightly spaced and of a size considered average. They are rounded at their ends.    
His tail : It is rather long, with a thick layer of hair at its base. It is refined as and to finish on a rounded tip.

Behavior and character

Potential to play 
Tendency to meow 

Independent but affectionate . He enjoys the company of his owner, with whom he likes to play. As such, he will also be inclined to interact with children and other cats or dogs. He is intelligent, clever, agile . He needs a family life . He is faithful and loves being cuddled.

Living conditions

Cohabitation with children 
Sociable with other animals 
Love foreigners 

The American Shorthair, because of its origins (see above) is primarily an outdoor cat . He enjoys hunting, is good at it. However, over time, this breed of cat has adapted perfectly to living in an apartment . However, he must have easy access to the outside. It’s better for his well-being. He needs space to work out. He likes to go hang out, meet fellow . It is essential to monitor your fur every time you walk back. The parasitic drag often …



The American Shorthair has a robust health . This strength comes obviously from its origin of outdoor cat. Thus, facilitated by its coat, it is resistant to cold , the weather. However, it must be vaccinated against all cat diseases: rabies, typhus, leucosis and coryza. In addition, the American Shorthair must be inspected after each adventure outdoors. It can indeed bring back many pests , which could infest your home. During his life, he can also contract a genetic pathology: polycystic kidney. It is a very serious, irreversible disease and therefore in all cases fatal.  

To guard against these risks and to insure your companion in case of health problems, Woopets advises you a American Shortair cat insurance .

Life expectancy



The life expectancy of an American Shortair is between 13 and 15 years old .

Calculate the human age of your American Shortair!

Maintenance and hygiene

Easy to groom 
Cost of maintenance 

Because of its rather short fur, the American Shorthair requires no particular maintenance , except for a weekly brushing . Brushing more frequent during molting periods.

The American Shorthair simply requires special attention during moulting , especially in terms of brushing. For the rest, it is a very clean cat . As with all, the condition of your ears should be monitored regularly. In addition, because of its many trips outside, it is important to monitor its coat to avoid parasites.

Price and budget


Mini900 €

Maxi1100 €

The purchase price of an American Shortair is between 900 € and 1100 €.


Mini150 €

Max300 €

The annual maintenance cost of an American Shortair is between 150 € and 300 €.


According to his morphology but especially his daily life, the American Shorthair eats an average of 90 to 180 grams of kibble a day. It is imperative to get him to exercise because he is subject to obesity .