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Have they been experiencing a reduced trade? Amsterdam can determine how many coffee shops are permitted to sell cannabis.

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I read that smoking tobacco inside coffee shops are not allowed.

Can you smoke tobacco in coffee shops. They will have signs up to tell you the rules. For me the fact that you can purchase marijuana is no big deal and amsterdam has an awful lot more to offer. Funny enough, because of the new tobacco smoking ban in bars and restaurants etc., you can only smoke your weed in a coffee shop if you don't mix it with tobacco.

Can you smoke tobacco in amsterdam coffee shops? Amsterdam is a pretty tolerant place, but that doesn't mean anything goes. Basically, you can’t or shouldn’t smoke anywhere outside of the coffeeshops, but with a few exceptions:

You are allowed to come twice a day maximum to the same. If in doubt just ask. But if you’re not obvious about it they don’t care.

If they don't, you can only smoke pure cannabis in a vaporizer or bong (water pipe) inside. Some coffeeshops have separate areas if you want to mix with tobacco. There are 170 coffeeshops in amsterdam.

It’s because the coffeeshop workers have a right not to suffer consequences of passive tobacco smoke same as tobacco smoking ban elsewhere but pure joints or joints with herbal tobacco are legal. You are allowed to smoke weed in a coffee shop, but tobacco is forbidden because of the dutch smoking ban. Coffeeshop the groene gaper in hoofddorp in north holland announced on facebook that it would no longer allow people to roll with tobacco or smoke any tobacco products in the coffeeshop.

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If you are outside it doesn't matter if it pure or with tobacco. At the end of 2012 there were 221 coffeeshops in amsterdam. You can smoke weed only in amsterdam coffeeshops.

Also, don’t take valuables with you to the coffee shop because you’ll be a bit fuzzy and pickpockets can take advantage of you on the streets. You can smoke tobacco in all of the coffee shops as long as it is mixed with weed or hash. It's perfectly normal and acceptable to smoke a joint that you've purchased from somewhere else in a coffeeshop, but you should always buy something, even if it isn't a cannabis product.

The smoking of drugs like cannabis and hash is not legal but tolerated in amsterdam. You can freely buy and smoke up to 5 grams of hash, weed, pot, cannabis, and marijuana in special hash bars, known as coffee shops. Now if a coffee shop has outdoor tables with ashtrays, is it ok to smoke cigarette there?

Dutch weed is quite strong, so go easy if you smoke it. You may smoke cannabis openly in the streets in amsterdam. If you want to smoke in your room be sure to book into a place that allows it.

Some people enjoy pairing pipes with coffee or tea instead, but wait on that until you are more experienced, and can choose a good pairing. The only trick here is that it’s customary to order something, like coffee or tea, while you are using up some of their space. If they provide you with one, then you can smoke.

Can i smoke weed anywhere, anytime in amsterdam? You are right there is a tobacco ban and that extends (already for a year) to all bars, cafes, restaurants, coffeeshops etc. Most coffeeshops have a smoking room.

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It certainly wont stop me from visiting the beautiful city however as there is so much more to amsterdam than weed. As long as you do that it’s perfectly acceptable to bring your own stash in and smoke it in a different coffeeshop. Amsterdam also has a unique traffic sign:

Ie, coffee shop the saint at 2 regulierssteeg. Legally you can't but most shops turn a blind eye. For example, at the dolphin you can only smoke pure on the ground floor.

If you want to mix with tobacco you have to go down to the basement smoking area. The only place you can smoke tobacco in any of these are in ones that have a seperate smoking area away from staff. Joints without tobacco can be enjoyed in the coffee shops.

When you enter a coffee shop there are few rules you should be aware of: Dutch coffee shops, long considered as synonymous with the netherlands as tulips or attacking football, face a new challenge from today when a ban on smoking tobacco in restaurants and cafes comes. Smoking plain tobacco is illegal because of tobacco laws, but mixed with weed it isn't.

Unless the coffee shop has a special tobacco smoking area where staff isn't allowed. Also is there any sign of it being overturned for the coffee shop trade? It’s ok to smoke a mix of tobacco and marihuana in some coffee shops, although a cigarette is not allowed.

Tobacco leaves and coffee beans are both fermented, too. Like discos, coffee shops have a separate smoking area where you can smoke tobacco joints. If you've brought your own supplies, then make it a drink or a snack instead.

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(don't ask me why, there are a lot of things totally illogical with our weed laws.) If you want to know if you can smoke or not, ask for an ashtray. 1 review of taz tobacco & coffee don't let the lack of reviews fool you, this place is awesome because it provides two of the most delightful things in this world:

I had visited the shop some years ago but had forgotten how delightful it is. You can smoke in the. “blowverbod” a sign prohibiting blowing, so if you see this, no smoking of hash or other drugs is allowed.

In the front of the store they have a section with tables and chairs where men can solve the problems of the world. You must be 18 or older (21 years old in some establishment) and always have your passport or id with you. If the staff see it they have to tell you out your cigs or tobacco away.

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