How Much Does A Hamster Cost And Where To Buy It

How Much Does A Hamster Cost And Where To Buy It

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Adorable hairball, your future hamster should definitely fill you with happiness. However, you must know, first, where to buy it. Some places are better than others. What’s more, some offer more attractive prices, even if the main expenses for your rodent do not occur at adoption. Indeed, it will cost you throughout his life. How many ? Why ? How? All our answers are below.

How Much Does A Hamster Cost And Where To Buy It

Like many animals, your hamster will not cost you much to buy, compared to what you could spend each month of your life. It is necessary to have solid kidneys, or at least a realistic budget to dedicate monthly to your pet. This is as much for his happiness, his well-being as his vital needs.

Cost to purchase

The purchase price of a hamster depends on several factors: its kind , its youth, its age, its origin and also and especially the place where you adopt it. So, please be aware that a pet store will tend to pull prices up , while the quality is often poor (see below).

Conversely, a breeder will tend to sell you a hamster at the right price, which is in good health . After, everything depends on his condition and race. Thus, the hamster Campbell remains the most expensive, along with the Agora . Count on average fifteen euros. Conversely, go from 5 and go up to 12 to 13 euros for other hamsters. The Syrian, or Golden , is the most affordable on the market.

The price of a hamster does not in any way mean that the latter will be more likely to become an excellent pet.

The cost of accessories

If a hamster does not cost much to buy , you will have to spend well before having it in your home. Also, the accessories essential to its well-being can represent a small hole in your expenses. Better to be prepared.

At first, you will have to buy a cage or a terrarium . It all depends on the type of habitat you want. A new cage can quickly reach the price of 100 €. The price of quality, too.

At his side, do not neglect the accessories allowing your rodent to feed and hydrate . Thus, a bowl (5 € -10 €), a baby bottle (5 €) or a trough (5 €) will be unavoidable and must be part of the decor. A decor in which register a house (5-15 €) for your hamster to feel at home, and the traditional full wheel (10-15 €). In addition, other accessories are essential, such as various branches of hazelnut , earth bath , pipes to distract and a hammock. You will add between 20 and 30 € in total.

For all these accessories, count in the 150 to 170 € before the purchase even of the hamster.

You should also not forget the litter, which should be hemp, linen or corn or cellulose. They are more expensive but of better quality . So, count about 40 to 50 liters with each change, about ten euros a month out of your pocket.

Finally, there is the cost of food . A hamster eats about fifteen grams of pellets a day. That’s about 450 grams a month. This should cost you between 2 and 3 € per month of pellets . Often the packages run at € 5 per kilo. You will not forget animal proteins like dried shrimps , live or dried crickets , grasshoppers or crickets . You can add fruits and vegetables. In all, twenty euros per month will be necessary for the welfare of your protégé. Do not deprive him of anything .

Medical expenses

The veterinary costs are impossible to determine in advance. However, you should have an annual visit , at least to check the health of your hamster. The cost of a visit depends on the clinic and the professional consulted. Generally, it runs between 30 and 50 €.

But it will take you maybe do castrate or sterilize your hamster male / female. One hundred euros in the first case, 150 euros in the second. These are expenses to consider, as if your rodent is suffering from a pathology requiring major surgery . In this case, the check can reach a few hundred euros . Always have a little money left in your pet’s budget to apprehend these unexpected expenses .

The extras

Your hamster likes to wander out of his cage whenever possible. Like many rodents, it will not be uncommon for him to try to nibble what he finds on his way. So, your furniture , sheets could take a hit. Indirectly, you will have to change them because of him.

The place of purchase

The adoption of your hamster can be done in different places. However, some are more likely than others, especially because salespeople are more professional and attentive.

  • A professional breeder

We advise you to go through a professional breeder . Often, except for a few charlatans as in all trades , they know what they do and what they say. Their baby hamsters are raised in excellent conditions and an environment conducive to their development. Their relationship with humans is often excellent since the breeder does not hesitate to take them and manipulate them to tame them. What’s more, the breeder practices an honest price . Nevertheless, always make sure to check where your future protégé lives. You are not safe from a bad surprise.

  • A particular

You can also buy your hamster via a particular , who is no less passionate than a professional . Simply, he had to deal with an unexpected pregnancy and he does not know what to do with his babies. However, never buy online without seeing your future hamster beforehand. Try to check his antecedents, his potential genetic diseases or even defects . After the purchase, it will be too late.

  • In pet shop

The pet stores are often unscrupulous towards animals they own . Employees are often not NAC specialists and tend to neglect their happiness and well-being. Especially, hamsters, like other animals, are placed in cages not often cleaned. They are several, without distinction between male and female. It is not uncommon to have inbred litters, which harms the species and causes hereditary pathologies . A serious pet shop is easily visible. Ask all the questions that go through your head.

  • In refuge

Some hamsters are abandoned for fear of their owner for various reasons . They find themselves in a shelter , where they are pampered by volunteers and employees who have eyes only for them. They try to teach them how to live with humans, for rodents that have been neglected. You can go through these structures, where you will find your happiness at a lower cost.

In summary

The adoption of a hamster necessarily has a cost. Not just the purchase, which is only a small part of the expenses for him. Above all, you will have to anticipate his arrival with the purchase of a cage and accessories that go with it. Thereafter, the daily expenses are present, like the purchase of the litter or the food, not forgetting an imponderable one: the expenses of health. In addition, buy your hamster most often in a serious structure, that is to say through a professional breeder or an individual you trust. Avoid pet stores as soon as possible.

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