The American Curl is a cat with many advantages. Very good companion for a family with or without children, it is also suitable for the elderly or sedentary. Indeed, it is mostly a cat indoor, which comes in two varieties: one long-haired, the other short-haired. A fairly new cat (1980s), the American Curl is an impressive sweetness, a rare tranquility even if he knows how to be a player and active when he wants to. It almost never meows,

American Shorthair or American Shorthair in French. This cat is particularly widespread in the United States, it will not surprise anyone, but also in Japan. It is similar to the British Shorthair and the European Shorthair, he is better known in France. Medium-sized, the American Shorthair wants to be a hunter. He prefers life outdoors but adapts perfectly to living in an apartment. Independent, he remains very affectionate, pleasant to live. He appreciates caresses and is attached to his owner. He likes

The American Wirehair does not show too much difference with its very close cousin the Shorthair. His character is generally the same and his temperament, both calm and player, corresponds. In fact, the big difference is in a rougher coat than other cat breeds. His health is rather strong despite 2 genetic diseases and maintenance quite simple, even if he has 3 layers of hair. Race history The American Wirehair is much rarer than its cousin, the American Shorthair. The latter

The Turkish Angora is elegant to watch. Its mid-long hair also has an advantage over other breeds with this characteristic: a very light undercoat, which greatly facilitates its brushing and therefore its maintenance. The Turkish Angora is very easy going. He stands up easily. He does not appreciate loneliness but is, paradoxically, quite independent. This does not prevent him from loving the presence of his owner, to whom he is very attached. Agile, flexible, it is also sporty enough. He likes to

The Balinese is quite close to the Siamese, from which it descends straight. He has a less strident voice and a long hair. Its maintenance is not more difficult. His diet should be monitored so that he does not suffer from obesity. Moreover, it is a cat very close to his master. He is intelligent and emotional, very active and athletic. Hunter in the soul, he likes to climb and gain height, but also play. Race history The Balinese comes straight from the

The Bengal, resulting from crossings between wild cat and domestic, kept, in the course of its evolution, its stripes of Leopard. He is a loving cat, very active and playful. It does not release any ounce of aggression and never shows it. He is of medium height, physically advantageous, rather sporty, graceful. Also very sensitive, the Bengal is distinguished by its great curiosity. It adapts to any environment but needs space for its well-being. Race history Originally, Bengal comes from the cross

The Russian Blue is a graceful cat, with beautiful curves and an elegant look. It also gives off an impression of power, thanks to its muscular body. He is affectionate, very gentle and discreet. It hardly meows me or so little that we do not hear it. On the other hand, it is not the ideal companion for children or large families. Indeed, noise prefers discretion, tranquility, calm. He enjoys a life of tranquility and rest. He is almost exclusively attached to