Which Hamster To Choose

Which Hamster To Choose ?

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You will probably have a deep and sincere attachment to your hamster. Nevertheless, before adopting one, you must choose the right one. Whether male or female, your future rodent may have different characteristics. We help you make your choice.

Which Hamster To Choose

Choose a hamster breed

There are 5 hamster breeds that are gathered in 2 groups. The golden hamster and the dwarf hamster.

  • Golden Hamster (or Syrian)

As its name suggests, its country of origin is Syria as well as the east coast of Turkey. The golden hamster is a little bigger than its dwarf counterparts. It is also said to be easier to tame and manipulate . It is recommended for this if it is your first rodent. If you have to pay attention to possible bites , your golden hamster should not worry you in small hugs which he loves.

However, you must raise him alone . Indeed, your golden hamster is above all a solitary animal in nature. Therefore, it does not support the presence of other hamsters. The fights that ensue lead more often to the death of one of the 2. Its price: 5 to 10 €.

  • Dwarf hamster

Several hamster breeds are gathered within the category of dwarf hamsters. They correspond to different characteristics in each of them. All can live together, provided they have been used to the other from a very young age. Indeed, if your hamster once adult receives the visit in his cage of a congener, a deadly brawl will burst in any case.

  • Roborovsky’s hamster

He comes from Mongolia and northern China . It will be perfect if you are looking for a hamster to watch . Indeed, quite fearful , he is not easily tamed . Contacts will be difficult with you at first. It is not dangerous. Its price: from 4 to 8 €.

  • Chinese hamster

This is a hamster rather shy, reserved, calm . Like Roborovski’s hamster , it will not be easy to tame himeven if, over time, you manage to make him a docile rodent. In freedom, it is a particularly wild hamster . You will have very little chance to get bitten during caresses he likes. Its price: from 5 to 8 €.

  • Campbell’s Dwarf Hamster

This type of hamster is not found in pet stores. Rodent rather calm if it was raised as it was necessary. In the opposite case, the hamster of Campbell is more aggressive than its congeners. Thus, he happens to bite more frequently. This is not the ideal hamster for hugs and hugs. Besides, you will probably prefer the Russian hamster. Its price: from 10 to 15 €. Note that the Siberian hamster looks pretty like it, with the difference that its coat changes during the winter (white).

  • The Russian hamster

It denotes in relation to its congeners. First of all, he is more sociable since he can live with other hamsters. Once again, however, you will have to watch for possible signs of aggression. Your future Russian hamster has the advantage of being particularly docile, calm and very endearing . He hardly ever bites. Its price: from 4 to 15 €.

A male or a female?

If you decide to adopt 2 hamsters at once, go for dwarves . Indeed, golden hamsters do not agree with each other. Dwarves, if they, provided that they used to rub shoulders at an early age. Cohabitation is easier between 2 hamsters of the opposite sex , but who says male and female in the same cage, necessarily says litters and babies! 2 males together should quickly fight, the same goes for 2 females together. The dwarf hamsters prefer to live as a couple, but you must be aware that you may find yourself very quickly with little ones almost every month!

In case you only choose a hamster, a male will tend to be a little calmer than a female considered more active .

Where to adopt your hamster?

Like dogs and cats, you can find your hamster in several places, all of which have advantages and disadvantages. Some more than others.

  • In an individual . Most of the time, these are people who have just had a litter and wish to part with it. It can be someone around you, a loved one, a friend. Your veterinarian has also put you, perhaps, in touch with an individual. In any case, you will have to check that your hamster lived his first days or weeks in an acceptable living environment . The young are weaned from 21 days; before, it is too early, they are too fragile and do not know how to fend for themselves. The individual will have to tell you what he does daily to continue to tame your hamster.
  • At a breeder . The same investigation must take place if you take your hamster from an individual. Professional breeders are generally serious people. There are, as in any trade, charlatans. So go on the spot to see for yourself the living conditions of your future hamster before any purchase.
  • An association like the SPA. You will need to provide some supporting documents such as your identity, a proof of address. However, unlike the adoption of a dog, a cat or a pony, no financial participation will be required. You will be free to give what you want.
  • A pet shop . This is the most frequently chosen solution and yet it is not necessarily the best. It is important to carefully choose your pet store: cleanliness, pets in good health (shiny hair, no injury, clean eyes …) and staff at your disposal. If he lives in a pet shop, your future hamster is most likely to be raised in very good conditions (overcrowding, stress, fights …). Your future female hamster could have a particular reach, their taming is also more difficult, because these hamsters were never handled

In summary

Before adopting your hamster, you will have to choose between:

  • Several different breeds: golden hamster or dwarf (gathers several types)
  • A male or female hamster
  • A hamster from an individual, breeder, association or pet shop
  • You must check the good health of your animal: aggressiveness, overweight condition, appearance of the coat, movement …

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